The Wiesn - from a wedding to the largest public festival in the world!

It all began with the wedding of the Bavarian crown prince Ludwig (later known as King Ludwig I) to princess Therese from Saxony-Hildburghausen (hence the name of the Theresienwiese or Therese's green) on October 12, 1810. Five days later, the National Guard organized a large public horse race to ensure that the Bavarian folk could also partake in the wedding celebration. It was decided that the festival should be repeated at the same time the following year, which marked the birth of the "October-Festivals". In 1811, the Bavarians additionally celebrated an agricultural festival. In contrast to the horse race, this festival has held to this day. Every three years this "central agricultural festival" takes place on the southern part of the Theresienwiese. The enormous entertainment spectrum today didn't exist in the past. A couple of carousels and several beer stands were all at that time with those first beer tents appearing in 1896. As Munich was considerably smaller in the past, the proprietors and event organizers went out to the Wiesn for the starting ceremonies. This tradition is still reflected today with the entry of the tent proprietors on Saturday morning in the parade.

The Triad Germain Club hosts one of Winston-Salem's premier events: Oktoberfest 2016, held on Saturday, October 15th,.  It starts at 6:pm, Doors open ar 5:pm. The location is the Millennium Center (101 W. Fifth Street, Downtown Winston-Salem).

Music by The Little German Band and Dancers of Raleigh, NC. Traditional German food, such as bratwurst, wieners, sauerkraut, kasseler rippchen(smoked pork chops), potato salad, pretzel rolls, home made pastries and German beer will be available for purchase.

Tickets: $10.00 in advance, $ 12.00 at the door. Food and beverage tickets sold separately.

Tickets available at:

Mock Orange Bikes. 492 West End Blvd., Winston-Salem NC 27101 336-722-6678

Euro Deli Mart. 602 Hickory Ridge Dr., STE 102 Greensboro, NC 27409 336-841-3397

Motorsport Connections,2556 Landmark Dr., Winston-Salem (336) 659-8988

For more Oktoberfest information, please email:


A portion of the proceeds from Oktoberfest supports schools that have German culture and language programs.